What The Eyes Reveal About Our Health: 14 Warning Signs That Can't Be Ignored

Date June 15, 2018

How often do we care about our eyes' health? If you do not suffer from bad vision, you probably have no reason to visit the ophthalmologist at all. However, our eyes can pinpoint certain aspects of your health condition and give you a clue about what is going on in your body.

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It is important not to overlook the signs! If your eyes are itchy, swollen and sore from time to time, it might be teeling your that you are just too tired or spending too much time in front of a screen.

A couple of days' rest may relieve you from annoying symptoms, but what if it is something serious? Here are the symptoms you have to be alert about.

1. Blurred vision all of a sudden.

Experiencing blurred vision all of a sudden may be a sign of poor blood circulation to your eyes or brain. It may be the warning of a stroke or a migraine, so do not ignore this signal.

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2. Blurry vision

If you notice a gradual deterioration in your vision, and can’t see clearly, you may have diabetes. The access of sugar in the blood to the eye vessels may cause blood or other fluids to leak, damaging the quality of someone's vision.

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3. Bulging eyes

Bulging eyes are signs of Grave’s disease. It causes production of too many thyroid hormones, which in turn leads to weight loss, diarrhea and hand tremors. If you notice bulging eyes, seek immediate medical attention.

4. White spots on your cornea

Those white spots may indicate an eye infection. It usually occurs to people who wear contact lenses.

5.Eye twitching

This minor problem is often ignored; however, it is a symptom that your body is stressed. You must have a break and relax in order to avoid any complications.

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6. Gray ring around the cornea

A gray ring around the cornea of the eye may be a warning sign of a stroke or a heart attack, as it indicates  dangerously high cholesterol levels, especially if you are under 40.

7. Drooping eyelids

Drooping eyelids associated with weak face and throat muscles are signs of myasthenia gravis. This condition turns your immune system against your muscles and may lead to difficulties in chewing, swallowing and even speaking. If you notice these symptoms, visit your doctor as fast as possible. There is a treatment for the disease.

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8. Cloudy eye

Having a cloudy eye affects your vision and indicates high levels of sugar in your blood, or a tumor. If you are over 40, this may be cataract, which is usually corrected easily with laser surgery.

9. Dry and itchy eyes

Dry eyes and the skin around the eyes make us rub them all the time. These are the symptoms of allergies. Avoid touching your eyes too often, as you may worsen the condition, irritating the skin and bringing an infection about.

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10. Yellowish whites

If your eyes turn yellowish, and your skin also seems to have a yellowish tint, it is jaundice. This disease means your liver is damaged, inflamed or not functioning properly.

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11. Seeing more of little specks

Sometimes we all see those little specks flying around! But if you notice an abnormal amount of them, it may indicate a retinal tear or detachment.

12. Brown patches

Brown patches may appear in the corner of the whites because of too much sun, which damages the eyes. Sometimes, these brown patches are pre-cancerous, so if you are an indoor person, have a doctorcheck your eyes as soon as possible.

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13. Night blindness

Developing a certain difficulty to see properly in low light is a natural part of aging, but if you have this problem in a young age, you may have a shortage of Vitamin A.

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14. Red eyes

The broken blood vessels in the eyes do not indicate any serious condition, but they show that you overstressed your eyes. Have some rest, get away from the computer, and do some eye gymnastics to keep them fit.

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They say that eyes are the windows to the soul. It is also a mirror that reflects how healthy your body is. From temporary conditions to life-threatening diseases, the eyes are likely to indicate that something is wrong.

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Not only can a professional examination draw a picture of your health conditions, but it can also prevent the development of serious disorders. Apparently, it is not such a good idea to neglect your eyes!

Source: WebMD

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