Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Fast - Top 7 Truly Amazing Home Remedies

Date May 31, 2018

It's no secret that any damage to your toenails can cause toenail fungus, especially if left untreated. The nail starts to thicken and yellow, and, as the condition worsens, it gets discolored or even distorted. When most people find out they have toenail fungus, they reach out for prescription meds, not knowing the risks involved in taking drugs.

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Other people try to hide the problem, since they feel extremely uncomfortable about wearing open-toe sandals in public. They end up opting for socks and snickers, having no clue that, by doing so, they provide the perfect environment for toenail fungus to thrive.

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It's no secret that bacteria spread in warm and moist environments, so why would we allow bacteria to spread inside of our shoes?

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Don't worry, with just a bit of knowledge and simple actions, you can be back to wearing your favorite sandals once again! Read on to find out about some effective drug-free home remedies.

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Tea Tree Oil

This essential oil has amazing antiseptic and antifungal properties. Just clean the area affected by fungus and apply tea tree oil to it. Let it rest for approximately 10 minutes and rinse well. Follow this simple procedure every day until your feet are sandal-ready!

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Lavender oil

This essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Besides, it's a good natural antiseptic that is known to strengthen the immune system and increase blood circulation. As fungus affects people with a weak immunity system and/or those having poor blood circulation, lavender oil is a speedy solution.

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Just apply a few droplets of lavender oil to your toenails and cover your feet with a pair of warm, wool socks. Make sure the socks are all-natural fabric and allow your feet to breathe. Follow the procedure three times a week until the fungus is gone.

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Baking soda

Add 2 scoops of baking soda to a bowl of  warm water. Let your feet soak in it for 10-20 minutes. 

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You can also make a soda-based paste for your feet. You only have to mix soda and water. Apply the paste to the affected area and let it rest for 10 minutes, then rinse well. Baking soda will dry up excess moisture and make it more difficult for the fungus to thrive. 

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Organic cornmeal is an effective antifungal treat as well because it contains Candida, a fungus that's harmless to humans but deadly to the most common fungal infection . If you want to give cornmeal a try, just mix 1 cup of cornmeal and approximately half a cup of water. Apply it to the nail and leave it for an hour, then soak your feet for 30 minutes in a foot bath. Do this as often as you like, as cornmeal is harmless to your nails and skin.

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It's no secret that garlic is staple in the majority of kitchens, so chances are you have it at hand. To get rid of toenail fungus, crush up fresh garlic, mix it with vinegar and apply to affected toenails. Cover the area with a bandage and leave it on for a few hours. Use this treatment every day until the fungus clears up.

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Though toenail fungus is a common problem, there's no need for panic. You just need some commitment and knowledge to take action! The tips listed above will help you deal with fungal infection in no time!

However, you should understand that all these recommendations have a temporary effect - they supplement a treatment, but they do not substitute it! See your doctor and find out which remedies can help you in the long run.

Source: Relieved, TheAlternativeDaily

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