Lazy Gardener Lifehacks: 5 Fuss-Free Outdoor Plants That Will Boost Your Front Yard's Appeal

Date April 24, 2018

Are you looking for some new options for your garden or front yard? Then there's no need to look further, as we've rounded up some wow-worthy options that make the best possible first impression, staying extremely low in maintenance.

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Some are sculptural, some add a pinch of tropical mood, some work well in modern yards. Anyway, all of these outdoor plants are interesting, so let's start updating your home's curb appeal.

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1. Hosta. If your yard is hemmed-in between large trees, hosta is a tried-and-true plant that enjoys growing in the shade. In fact, there are more than hundred types of hosta available around, that's why you should find one that fits your home style.

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Consider some varieties with green, chartreuse, and blue leaves, frequently variegated with gold and white. In addition, pay attention to the size of the plant, as some kinds grow to 6 feet tall, while others grow only a few inches across. 

2. Hibiscus. If you're looking for large blooms, hibiscus will meet your match. Train your sights on perennial hibiscus in white, red or pink shades, as these varieties will easily tolerate drought and heat, not minding wet soil though.

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Hibiscus is a great option for an as-busy-as-a-bee gardener!

3. Gerbera daisies. These cheery and bright daisies are perfect for adding a new twist of happiness to the way your front yard or garden usually looks. Better yet, gerbera daisies blossom vigorously in all types of weather.

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Some varieties can bloom nonstop regardless of 100 or 40 degrees temperature conditions. However, there are also some fussy varieties, so make sure you make a proper choice!

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4. Mandevilla. It's one of the favorite outdoor plant types, especially good for those, who love to plant and then simply forget about it!

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Mandevilla blooms nonstop, flourishing with trumpet-shaped flowers of white, pink or red shades. As a special bonus, butterflies and hummingbirds will most likely pick up on your beautiful flowers. By planting mandevilla, you'll plank down a piece of unspoiled nature in the front yard of your home.

5. Pentas. Thanks to its tropical origins, this plant blooms in a nonstop regime, never worrying about humidity or mercury soars.

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You'll be able to enjoy the beautiful pentas flowers all year long if you live in areas that never encounter winter frosts. This plant will delight you with its flowers even in the hottest summer days!

With these beautiful fuss-free outdoor plants, you'll enjoy beauty in your front yard all year long!

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