8 Tips To Blast That Annoying Belly Fat And Get The Flat Stomach Of Your Dreams

Date July 26, 2018

Regardless of what season it is, we all want to keep our stomachs flat and forget about the annoying belly fat altogether. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to gain extra inches around the waist, but no one said it’s impossible to keep yourself in check.

In order to lose belly fat and reduce the risk of gaining it back in the future, you will need to adjust your dietary habits and get to love exercising. Here are 8 effective ways that will help your waist get smaller and your stomach get flat.

1. Say no to sugar and carbonated drinks

We all know that sugar poses the threat of weight gain. But what you don’t know is that fructose, which makes up half of the sugar formula, can only be metabolized by the liver in certain amounts. When the liver is unable to handle all of your fructose intake, it turns it into fat, especially around the belly area.

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Carbonated sweet drinks can be even worse for you than solid foods, as the brain registers it differently. They also contain much more  calories.

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It’s advised to cut sugary drinks from your diet, and reduce your sweet cravings with fruit.

2. Substitute carbs for protein

Many of us feel like we should drastically minimize the amount of food we eat on a daily basis in order to lose weight. And while controlling our calories intake is a good idea, we should keep in mind that we need fuel to effectively get rid of those extra inches on our waist.

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The best diet for fighting belly fat is rich in protein and low in carbs. Protein has been proven to help you get rid of fat more effectively, while keeping you energized. Carbs, on the other hand take longer, to be digested and love to stick around your stomach.

3. Fiber is your friend

Eating plenty of fiber makes a drastic difference in your weight loss journey. It boosts your digestion and contains many vitamins needed for destroying that annoying fat.

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Turn your attention to avocados, legumes, vegetables, and whole oats.

4. No stress

You know how some people say they can’t eat when they’re nervous? Well, it’s surprising, because stressful situations lead to an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body, which in turn boosts your appetite.

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5. Get enough sleep

Your body needs rest and, if it doesn’t get enough sleep, it can’t function properly. You need to keep your temple rested, so that it can effectively work off the calories.

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6. Add exercising to your routine

Yes, you need to exercise, because adjusting your diet isn’t enough. Cardio is very effective in reducing belly fat, so try running, swimming, or taking long walks. As for particular exercises that target your belly fat directly, they include crunches, leg raises, and plank.

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Your exercise routine doesn’t have to be too complex, but you need to be dedicated to it.

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7. Keep your posture in check

Posture plays a huge role in our figures. If you're slouching and not keeping your back straight, your stomach is more visible, and, after a while, your entire body memorizes the wrong form and your belly will remain puffed up. So pay attention to your back position and sit straight.

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8. Hydration is key

Lastly, make sure to drink plenty of water. Keep in kind that tea and coffee are not enough to keep you hydrated throughout the day. It's also advised to minimize your caffeine intake and switch to green tea. Try drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, it will improve your skin and keep you energized.

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These tips can help you achieve your goal and have that flat stomach you’ve always dreamt of.

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