Effective Yoga Exercises To Reduce Negative Emotions And Gain Inner Peace

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August 10, 2018 15:26 By Mambee

Regardless of social status, financial position and family circumstances, we all get overwhelmed, exhausted or sad for our own reasons. We have been taught to be strong and to carry on no matter what, but we don’t realize that the emotional burden we carry brings imbalance to our mind and bodies, which results in diseases and stress.

How many times have we tried to hide the storm inside by covering it with a veneer of calmness and happiness? Putting on a brace face and bottling up negative emotions all the time leads to a level of pressure that is harmful to our health.

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The acclaimed yoga teacher Colleen Saidman Yee reveals that yoga helps to deal with disturbing feelings and restore inner peace. She claims that special yoga poses relax the body and mind, and lead you from tension to letting go, accepting and relaxing. It serves as an effective preventive measure against stress-related diseases. 

This practice requires you to perform the exercises three days a week for 12 weeks in total.

Upward Salute

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High Lunge

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Upward-Facing Dog

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Downward-Facing Dog

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Child's Pose

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Elbow-bent plank

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Standing Forward Bend

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Chest-Up Pose

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Hips-Up Pose

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Relaxing Pose

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This yoga practice may become a relaxing habit for your mind and body. As you work through the poses, your body experiences a number of health benefits that will only contribute to optimal health:

  • You improve flexibility and coordination;
  • The muscles gain stamina and strength;
  • You improve your posture, which will in turn spare you from daily back and neck pain;
  • Yoga practice benefits the bones and joints health;
  • The blood flow is improved and the oxygen enriches the body.

Dr. Mason Turner, of the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, claims that yoga is a very powerful remedy against depression due to the focused and controlled movements.

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One of the most important skills that you acquire from yoga practice is learning how to manage your body, stay in the moment, and be able to relax and relieve negativity. Breathing deeply and following your own rhythm helps you concentrate and receive the maximum benefits from the exercises.   

Eventually, you learn how to connect mind and body in the process. Then, you may realize that you have restored your inner harmony and peace and you are not a prisoner of your negative emotions anymore.

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