4-Year-Old Boy Came Into Contact With Caterpillar And Ended Up Being Violently Sick In The Hospital

Date August 1, 2018

There are thousands of types of caterpillars, with a huge variety of colors and sizes. By the way, caterpillars are immature forms of butterflies and moths. Even though most of them are rather harmless, some caterpillars may cause severe injuries.

A 4-year-old boy, Beau, was recently taken to the hospital after coming into contact with a caterpillar. His mother, Lauryn Mae Jordan, is warning other parents by telling her story on Facebook.

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Lauryn’s son became sick after he touched the creepy-crawly, which was on their house door. In addition, he suffered from drowsiness and facial swelling.

The woman didn’t know how to react, and decided to take the boy to the hospital the following day. Everything ended up well, but doctors said the situation could have been much worse, as the caterpillar carried toxins.

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The 4-year-old boy ended up spending a couple of hours at the Derriford Hospital, and is now feeling well. Lauryn hopes her story will help other parents avoid such situations. She also tries to warn parents about the dangers of children picking up bugs.

It turned out that caterpillars can be rather life-threatening and cause asthma attacks, severe vomiting and skin rashes. Caterpillar experts advice to avoid direct skin contact with any hairy caterpillar.

Steve Ogden, the expert from Wildlife Insight, says:

Some people seem to have more sensitive skin than others, particularly children, so to be on the safe side it's always best to avoid direct skin contact with any hairy caterpillar.

Basic recommendations for parents are the following:

 - Don’t pick up a caterpillar or move a nest

 - Don’t let children or animals touch or approach nests or caterpillars or try removing them yourself.

In case you already had a contact with the caterpillar, it is recommended to apply a piece of adhesive tape to the affected areas and pull the tape off. In this way, the majority of the hairs will be removed, and the irritation reduced. After that, consult with the doctor.

IrinaK / Shutterstock.com

Please, make sure your kids don’t pick up any bugs, and teach them to stay away from them, when they see any. But when such things happen and you notice signs of pain, allergic reaction, swelling etc, don’t hesitate and go to the hospital immediately.

We hope this story will raise the general awareness about the danger of caterpillars and other bugs.

Source: Lauren Mae Jordan / Facebook

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