Almost A Magic: 7 Effective Tips To Cover Your Extra Weight With Clothes

Date July 24, 2019

Have you heard that shopping is the biggest anti-stress activity for women? Sometimes, though, shopping may turn into disaster if you don’t know what clothes match your figure. The pieces we wear may underline our advantages and hide the imperfections that make us feel insecure. But, at the same time, they can make us look big, clumsy and shapeless.

If you have some extra weight on your belly or ton your sides, it is possible to conceal it under the right clothes! So here are some tips for your next shopping trip in order to pick the perfect outfit for your shape!

1. Underwear

Sometimes the proper form of underwear wins the whole battle. Make sure bras match your breast shape and the stripes are not too narrow. Choose bottoms with high waistlines, or consider the special tight-fitting panties that correct shapes with elastic fabric. Any clothing would look different if you choose the proper undergarments.

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2. Tops

A-silhouette tops and dresses that widen down from the chest are a good idea to hide belly fat. You can choose layers, peplum or ruffle clothes, or just those having frayed edges. It is better to ditch tight-fitting and straight-cut items, which bring focus on every extra kilo.

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3. Bottoms

The variety of choices is quite rich! High-waisted bottoms would compliment your figure!

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4. Belts

Be careful with the belts: They can both help you and highlight belly fat! It is better to pick narrow belts that do not cut into the body, pairing them with loose clothes.

5. Color

Dark colors make us visually slimmer, so use this trick wisely. If you don’t want to pick too much black and brown, pay attention to clothes that are darker in the waist area. Use bright colors on the top or bottom.

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6. Patterns and fabrics

Patterns play an important role in creating your silhouette. Opting for horizontal patterns create an illusion of widening, so it is better to wear vertical stripes and flowy fabrics. It’s better to avoid satin, full polyester, and elastane.

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7. The right size

If the garments sit too tight, ditch them immediately. It may look okay when you are standing, but as soon as you sit down, you may feel discomfort and disappointment.

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GIRL WITH CURVES founder and designer Tanesha Awasthi learned how neatly you can hide the plus size under pretty clothes.

She has created clothing for curvy women, using tips and tricks to underline the beauty of their body!

Wearing the belt just under the chest, loose trapezoidal silhouettes and simple, yet complimenting, patterns are some very important details to keep in mind.

It’s all about creating the right visual proportions that make us look attractive! Learn how to do smart shopping and you will fall in love with your style and figure!

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