Girl Power: Bridesmaids Show Off Gorgeous Dresses That Have Pockets And The Internet Is In Love

Date February 1, 2019

Being a bridesmaid isn't always an easy task. Apart from having to do a lot of work on the big day to ensure the bride has a memorable event, you may even find yourself uncomfortable and confined in very annoying dresses.

When it came to the dress department, though, these particular bridesmaids were thrilled with what they had to wear. And the internet is inspired as well.

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24-year-old Evelyn Paterson looked quite stunning on her wedding day. While the spotlight was firmly on her, people still noticed the cool features of her bridesmaids' dresses. 

Evelyn showed off both her lovely wedding gown and her bridal party when she married Angus James Paterson, in North East London. In the picture, the ladies exuded power, beauty, and confidence in their Wonder Woman-like stance.

The photo was posted by one of the bridesmaids, Nell Goddard, who excitedly shared that the dresses "ALL HAD POCKETS."

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While speaking to Good Morning America, Nell said that Evelyn shelled out a few extra bucks to make sure that each dress had pockets. 

Eve had thought of everything and the pockets meant that we could keep little laminated running orders and table plans for the day on us at all times.

Several Twitter users loved the chic look and praised Evelyn's sense of style. The dresses were not only lovely, but also functional.

Evelyn also told GMA that she was surprised by the huge attention the dresses were getting. She revealed that she wanted to portray her bridesmaids as stunning, strong and capable women, and she has been excited that many Twitter users see it that way.

To the bride, seeing women supporting each other like this was a great thing. And she's glad to have made that type of impact on the internet.

We can tell that many women have been inspired by these bridesmaid dresses and will probably be making use of them on their own wedding day.

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