A Woman With Enormous Bum Legs Promotes Body-Positivity And Changes Beauty Standards

Date May 21, 2019

Big butts have taken over Hollywood and women all over the world. Only a few years ago, big bottoms were something to be embarrassed about for many females.

A Woman With Enormous Bum Legs Promotes Body-Positivity And Changes Beauty StandardsGetty Images / Ideal Image

Beyonce, Jenifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian, however, changed people’s view of butts for good. Almost all their songs aim to celebrate the female curvy shapes. Although there is nothing bad about fashion shifting from skinny to meaty, many women encounter a huge pressure.

They crave to have all the proportions their fashion idols have. Thus, it's extremely difficult for them to feel satisfied with themselves because the demands are constantly changing. 

 While some women use buttocks implants to improve the size and appearance of the butts, others might still feel ashamed because of their natural forms. 

For example, Randalin is famous for having an enormously big butt and legs.

The woman actively promotes body-positivity. She is proud of her unique stature and has over 74,500  followers on her Instagram profile.

Randalin posts a lot of feminine photos and videos daily and likes to laugh at herself every now and again. Internet users admit that they have not seen anything like this before. 

The person going under the nickname oedo30 said: 

"Your body shape is ridiculous but in a beautiful sexy way, never seen anything quite like it."

Regardless of the actual body type or attire, many of us suffer from a barrage of self-critical thoughts. Yet, not accepting our body as it is can result in anxiety, nervousness, and other problems.

The foremost advice is to give your social media a little break and start eating normally.

Practice positive thinking and try not to focus on your particular physical features.

Remember that you are a unique person with a range of special gifts and talents. Do things you are good at more often and praise yourself. The greatest improvement you can do about your life is to start enjoying it!

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