An 18-Year-Old Teen From Ohio Drops 115 Pounds After Finding An Obvious Way To Fight Obesity

Date May 20, 2019

Childhood obesity is a serious health issue. The number of overweight children has increased in recent years worldwide. 

An 18-Year-Old Teen From Ohio Drops 115 Pounds After Finding An Obvious Way To Fight ObesityKateryna Kon / Shutterstock.com

There are multiple causes of kids obesity, including lifestyle, genetics, family eating habits, lack of physical activity or psychological factors. Children and teens who feel stressed or depressed often tend to eat more to cope with negative emotions. Obese kids often suffer from breathing problems and encounter muscle and joint pain.

An 18-Year-Old Teen From Ohio Drops 115 Pounds After Finding An Obvious Way To Fight Obesity-DementevaJulia / Shutterstock.com

Childhood obesity is also related to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, obesity influences children’ self-esteem and their interaction with other kids.

Michael Watson's story caused rancorous debates on the Internet. While most students worry about grades and going to college, the 18-year-old teenager from Ohio had other things to be concerned about.

The overweight schoolboy had struggled with his weight all his life. When his weight was 335 pounds, the boy resolved to make a major difference in his life:

“When I looked in the mirror I was really ready to get it done and thought, I can’t just fail anymore on my diet,...I need to actually do this.” 

Watson decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Apart from changing his diet, the boy forced himself to walk to school every day of his sophomore, junior, and senior years. He would take on a 40-minute round walk regardless of weather conditions.

The end result is absolutely astonishing: Michael has lost over 115 pounds and gained more confidence. 

 "It was just a disaster but once I lost the weight...I feel amazing I could never go back to being heavier."

Watson’s accomplishment has inspired many people all over the Internet and helped him to start a new life. Multiple delighted people congratulated him and left their supportive comments:

"This story is not only amazing for this young high school senior who walked off 115lbs but just proves my point about walking as much as you can. I now regularly walk to or from my office - 6 miles in 90 minutes and its amazing how quickly you can drop pounds and feel better. Get walking people! And congratulations to Michael Watson! good job dude"

Catherine Reasoner said: 

"He is something to be proud of! He did great!"

 Another user added:

“Thank you for showing people that real change can occur from making routine changes in your everyday life. You are an example to others.”

Michael's dedication in achieving his goal is something many of us need to duplicate! Every day is a new chance to start over and fulfill your dreams!

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