Stimulating The Right Finger Might Cure Diseases, Ancient Japanese Technique Says

Date July 30, 2019

Of course, when we have certain health issues, the first thing we have to do is going to the doctor. Nevertheless, there are some additional ways to check whether you have any health-related problems.

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This method was used by the Japanese for many centuries, and is considered to be the excellent healing technique.

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Also, the good thing is that the finger method allows to identify problems in just couple of minutes.

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According to the technique, every finger is linked to certain body organs and applying pressure to the right points improve both your physical and emotional health.

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Which fingers are connected to what organs?

Your thumb:

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According to Jin Shin Jitsu, your thumb is connected to your stomach and spleen.

Your index finger

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It is linked to your kidneys and urinary bladder. Stimulating the finger also helps you deal with toothache, muscle pain, back pain and digestion problems.

Middle finger:

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This finger is connected with liver and gall bladder and can help you fight with migraine, fatigue, menstrual pain and frontal headache.

Ring finger

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This finger is linked to lungs and large intestine. Stimulating it may cure digestion issues, asthma, problems with respiration and skin diseases.

The pinkie:

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This one is linked to heart and small intestine. It may cure heart disease and throat pain.

To make it effective, try to hold the appropriate finger with your other hand and keep tight pressure on it for 3-5 minutes.

What an effective method it is!

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