A Hairdresser Invents Viral Hack Using Plastic Bottle And Hair Dryer To Get Curly Hair Cheap And In 10 Seconds

Date June 21, 2019

Curly hair is regarded as extremely gorgeous. Having your hair fall in waves over one another is a beautiful effect many people would like to get.

However, it comes at a cost. A costly one. And worse, doesn't stay like that for long. This discourages many people from getting their wishes of curly hair. But it seems like things are about to change.

From a video which was shared on Facebook and has since then gone viral, a hairdresser was seen giving the perfect hack. She had managed to curl her hair in a couple of seconds.

And guess what? It didn't cost her hundreds of dollars.

All she had to do was employ the use of a plastic bottle, an average hair dryer, and Voila!. She got the magic curls. The process involved her making holes on the plastic container.

One for her hair to get in, and the other for the tip of the hairdryer. From there on, everything was magic.

The video featuring the hairdresser performing her trick managed to garner over 1.5 million views, including thousands of likes and shares. Quite amazing.

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The hack was compared to the products of a leading manufacturing company, Dyson.

Their latest release included a series of hairdryers they claimed were perfect for getting curly hair. However, the price remained high, at $500., who shared the video added a caption alongside it which sounded like a shade to the Dyson Company. It read,

"Don't buy Dyson. Save money hairdryer hack."

Several people had different things to say about the trick from the hairdresser. Some thought it was terrific and others thought otherwise.

One of such as a Twitter user, @Amandymandaa, who wrote;

Has this hairdresser found the perfect hack to curly hair.? Well, that remains unknown as the risks are not certain. However, giving it a try would not be such a bad idea.

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