A City In Australia May Have Found The Perfect Way To Protect Water From Plastic Pollution

Date December 13, 2018

Plastic pollution in water bodies is a major issue, especially due to its negative effect on animals who live in or near the water. This is why it's important to find a solution that can keep our waters clean and safe. A city in Australia may have done just that. 

A couple of months ago, the city of Kwinana shared a Facebook post to celebrate the success of drainage nets which had installed in two locations. The post went viral and reached millions of people. 

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The Facebook post brings attention to the efforts being made to reduce water pollution and the discharge of rubbish in the drainage systems. The goal is to prevent these pollutants and solid waste from making their way to larger bodies of water. 

Those drainage nets, which were installed in March 2018, have reportedly gathered up to 370kg of waste which would have otherwise gone on to wreak havoc.

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The Mayor of the city, Carol Adams, said she understood why people were passionate about this positive environmental move. She explained that the nets were strategically placed on the outlets of two drainage pipes, where they effectively captured all form of pollutants. This protects the habitat in the water while also reducing the chances of animals being caught by the installed nets.

The city has now determined this to be the safest and best cost-effective way to protect the water. Adams explained that, from time to time, the filled-up nets will be lifted and emptied by some of the city's staff. The rubbish will then be transferred to a facility where the recyclable and non-recyclable materials can be separated.

The Facebook post attracted praises directed to those who made such a thing possible. 

It's pretty clear that this city is being appreciated for making the environment a priority. The hope is that other regions and countries will now follow suit. 

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