This Video Teaches A Life-Saving Technique: How To Help Yourself When You Are Choking


This Video Teaches A Life-Saving Technique: How To Help Yourself When You Are Choking

Date May 22, 2018 15:33

One of the reasons people dislike eating by themselves is probably the hope to have someone to try and help in case they choke.

There are plenty of techniques that teach us how to help a friend if they choke on their food, however, if we find ourselves in this dangerous situation while we are on our own, there is no one else to rely on.

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Jeff Rehman, who is a paramedic, a firefighter, and a life-support instructor, shared a video where he teaches a life-saving technique you might try if you are choking.

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He has learned this from his trainer many years ago, when he practised boxing. Initially, this move was about strengthening the core muscles.

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Rehman realized that the air flow that comes out of the body during this movement is so strong that it may dislodge large obstructions in one's throat.

However, this technique is not recommended for pregnant women, since it involves falling onto the stomach. 

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Here are the instructions on what to do if you are choking and there is nobody around to help:

1. Get onto your knees and put your hands on the floor, as though in a push-up position.

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2. With a rapid motion, throw your arms up in front of you, letting your body fall and land on your belly.

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As you land on your abdomen, your diaphragm forces the air up and out through your throat, removing the obstruction.

This technique might seem a little embarrassing to be done in a public place. Before disregarding it due to appearances, however, think about how effective it can be. This move could save your life.

There is another technique, involving a chair. You need to find a chair or anything that will allow you to do abdominal thrusts. Check the video below to see how it is done.

Share this knowledge with everyone you know, and make sure, you can help yourself in a life-threatening situation.

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