Brain Teaser: Can You Find A Clue To This Confusing Math Puzzle?

Date October 30, 2018

Are you good at math? If it has been your favorite subject, then you are going to love this flower riddle. It’s been around on the Internet for a while, and it could bowl down many adults. However, the solution is pretty easy!

Look at this equation! It may seem a little uncommon, with flowers instead of numbers but still with that unknown X. It does make a math puzzle more interesting, though.

Brain Teaser: Can You Find A Clue To This Confusing Math Puzzle?

Pay attention to the bottom line! Can you guess what number goes at the end?

Take your time. Are you ready to find out the answer?

The solution

  1. Let’s look at the first line. The identical roses are equal 60. It means we have to split 60 into 3. A rose is equal to 20.
  2. In the second line, we already know the meaning of a rose. Then, we have 2 identical violet flowers. 20 + 2 violets equals 30. 30 minus 20 equals 10 for both violets This means that the value of 1 violet is 5.
  3. In the third line, we have 5 minus 2 yellow flowers equals 3; so the value of a yellow flower is 1.
  4. Now, it is easy enough to solve the puzzle: 20 + 1 x 5 = 25

Did it take you long to figure out the right answer? Even if you didn’t come up with a solution at once, there is no need to worry. Thinking itself is a great brain exercise that keeps your mind sharp. According to a study, the longer we stay mentally active by reading, thinking, and learning new information, the better our mind works in senior age.  

Solving riddles and puzzles is one more way to train your brain and stay healthy!

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