Use It Smart! 7 Interesting Hacks For Smartphones Owners

Date August 8, 2018

Manufacturers of the modern smartphones make them do nearly impossible things! Literary, having a phone with you can help you not only to contact your most beloved people whenever you feel like it, but it can also take and save photos and videos, help you navigate in a strage place, check the time and the weather, read your books, among so many other things that this list is too far from being complete.

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But do you know all the useful functions of your phone? Probably not. We are here to reveal a few interesting hacks you will absolutely love!

1. You may lose your phone, and maybe you won’t ever see it again. There is a chance to get it back, though, if display your contact information in the lock screen picture.

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You may go to “Settings“, ”Lock screen and security“, “Lock screen signature”  and type the phone number or an address to contact you. There is another option, just write it on a piece of paper, take a picture and set it as the lockscreen picture.

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Be careful with your information, though. It’s not the best idea to give out your full address, or a full name, in case the finder has less than honorable intentions. 

2. Our phones collect so much valuable information – the memories we keep in photos, videos, and texts. Make sure you don’t lose them if something goes wrong with your device. It may break down, drown in water, or get stolen. Store the important files in one of the cloud services to keep all the memories to yourself. Turn on the “synchronizing” function and as soon as you shoot another picture, you’ll have it safe in the cloud storage.

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3. Do you use voicemail? It is clearly convenient, as typing may be too hard if you have a kid in each arm! However, you may say something you wish you had kept quiet about. You can listen to the voicemail you send, just press “#” to delete if you find it too embarrassing.

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4. We may start panicking if we see the battery is low and we still need to use the phone. Turn on the “Airplane Mode”, it will block the mobile network for a while and you won't receive the popping up messages and updates that drains life from your battery.

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5. You may not always have the data connection, right? Whether you’re on a trip, in the woods for camping, or in the country with poor network coverage, you may still listen to music and watch movies on your phone. Download them right in your device through wi-fi and enjoy it anywhere.

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6. The smartphone camera has so many hidden possibilities. Did you know that for taking a picture you don’t necessarily need to press the button on the screen? You can use the volume button to snap it! It is especially convenient for taking selfies or using one hand only.

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7. Your smartphone can become a remote control for literary everything! In order to turn this function on, there are plenty of apps available, but you have to own a device with an infrared (IR) blaster.


Download the app, follow the instructions and connect the phone with the remote-controlled device and voila! In most applications, you get to control just one device for free, but you may upgrade it by buying a premium version.

Hopefully, the tips can be helpful for you and you will use your smartphone in the smartest way!

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