Little Family With A Big Surprise: Dwarfism Didn't Stop The Couple From Welcoming 3 Children Into Their Life

Date August 10, 2019

Having children is a serious decision and not all couples are ready to welcome children into their lives. However, this wonderful story is amazing proof that nothing can stop loving family from adding new members.

Couple with dwarfism have three children

This big family of five is unique. All members of the family attract attention everywhere they go, but it not only in terms of friendly smiles: mockery, disapproval and inappropriate starring are common.

The thing is this is a family of little people, with only one full-sized kid.

Meet Katrina Bootsma! She was the only child in her family who was diagnosed with dwarfism. Her husband, Dave also has the same condition. However, the health problems didn’t stop them from building a family and welcoming 3 children into their lives.

Katrina was always accepted by her own parents, that's why she wanted her kids to feel the same. The woman shared her story of hope and loss. She managed to find happiness against all odds.

Raising their first daughter, Charlotte was easy. The woman worked in a maternity unit so she knew how to deal with babies. Still, there were some struggles:

As my arms were shorter, I had to prop Charlotte up on a pillow to feed her. And, unlike most mums I saw, I couldn’t swing her capsule in one hand – I had to clasp it with both.

Charlotte was diagnosed with dwarfism, but it never bothered them. In fact, they were waiting for another baby. Their second child, Joel, suffered from a fatal condition: double dominant syndrome. The baby could not breathe on his own, so he passed away at 6 weeks old.

The loss was heartbreaking for Katrina and Dave. She recalls:

It was heartbreaking. So when I fell pregnant again soon after, Dave and I decided to have genetic testing done. We found out our third bub would be little too, but he’d be perfectly healthy.

When Charlotte was three, they welcomed Noah and he turned to be the adorable toddler. That was not all that fate prepared for the couple, though. They got pregnant again.

It was quite different for the third time.

Genetic testing showed their third son was going to be the tallest of them all. He was the only one without dwarfism. Elijah grew fast, and pretty soon he started to outgrow his siblings, which came as a huge surprise to Charlotte and Noah. He was the tallest, but it was never a big deal for the family.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a big deal for other people.

I’ve learned to brush off the laughter, stares and strangers whipping out cameras to take a snap. But it’s hard to stomach when it’s your children.

Today Katrina says she is proud of their wonderful children. The family of five doesn't care about people’s opinions or any boundaries the society set for them. All that matters is a happy and safe family nest. What an inspiration! Share this story with your friends and family!

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