Mom Waxed Her 9-Year-Old Daughter's Eyebrows Because She Wanted Her To Win A Beauty Pageant

Date August 13, 2019

With photos of ideal beauty bombarding us, it is hard to stay confident. Moreover, it is easy to overlook that standards of beauty are subjective as they vary widely both from one country to another and over time. People are beautiful as they are. This wise statement is worth remembering. Unfortunately, not all people realize this simple truth.

A nine-year-old girl was forced to wax her eyebrows

Chloe Stacy was made to go through the agony of getting her eyebrows waxed as her mother wanted the girl to win a beauty pageant.

The 9-year-old girl and her ambitious mother were featured on TLC's 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. Chloe's mother decided to take the girl to a beauty salon to improve her appearance. The mom, named Jamie wanted the daughter's hair to be coated in highlights Moreover, she wanted to get the girl's eyebrows waxed.

Jamie explained that these changes were important as Chloe's beauty wasn't eye-catching enough. At one point in the video, the mother added that her girl "doesn't have natural beauty." She said:

If it would come down to facial beauty alone, she doesn't have that particular look that a lot of judges are looking for.

Jamie made her daughter get her eyebrows waxed saying:

A little bit of pain to win a better title? She'll take it all day long.

Mom Waxed Her 9-Year-Old Daughter's Eyebrows Because She Wanted Her To Win A Beauty Pageant tlc uk / YouTube

The girl could be seen in pain and even in tears after the procedure, but it seems her mom was happy to see the result. Jamie looked more concerned about the girl's appearance than her feelings.

Many people criticized the mother for her actions. In the comments that came after the video, social media users blasted Jamie for putting her child through all of that. Some even accused the mom of child abuse.Mom Waxed Her 9-Year-Old Daughter's Eyebrows Because She Wanted Her To Win A Beauty Pageant tlc uk / YouTube

One YouTube user, Michaella Braid, wrote:

This mother is giving her daughter major body confidence issues she's horrible to her.

And Madeline Crerand mentioned the fact that Chloe didn't even have enough eyebrows to get waxed:

Why are they waxing her brows if she barley has any....also it's abuse.

Some people believed that this painful experience might affect Chloe psychologically.

The price of beauty

A short CBC Documentary stated that some children who take part in beauty pageants have a distorted view of beauty. in most cases, they undergo so many changes in the way they look, so they just don't remember how they looked before transformations. These kids might end up thinking they have to be beautiful in one particular way to be loved.

Nowadays, it can be so hard to teach your children to be confident as we have so many beauty standards around us. At the same time, it seems that beauty pageants can ruin all efforts to stay body positive.

Beauty pageants are harmful to kids, do you agree?

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