Tasty And Useful: How To Alleviate Joint Pain With Cabbage

Date August 1, 2019

Of course, we feel ourselves very uncomfortable when we are in pain. People spend lots of money on medications in order to alleviate the pain, but it turns out that it is also possible to use some natural products as an addition to the main treatment.

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And cabbage is an excellent example of such product. It is both tasty and useful for those people, who are looking for the natural remedy.

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This vegetable is full of antioxidants, iron, potassium, and numerous vitamins. It can improve the detoxification of blood, and also can ease arthritis, rejuvenate the skin, eliminate acne and other skin blemishes like psoriases, eczema, bites and so on.

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As we know, there are varius types of cabbages, and they have various benefits. For example, the green one is usually added to salads and cooked as side dishes. It is also full of vitamins!

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The red one may have a slight peppery taste, but it also provides the body with some fantastic nutrients.

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Savoy is considered to be good for the prevention and the relief of joint pain.

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Take a look at this pain-relieving formula:

  • Cabbage (the organic red one is preferred);
  • Aluminum foil;
  • Bandages.

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Necessary steps:

  1. Wash and dry one leave of the cabbage. Remove the hard stem.
  2. To get the juice out, push a rolling pin over the leaf. Afterward, wrap it in the foil and place it in the oven to warm.
  3. Put the warm compress on the affected area for half an hour.

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You can also use cold compresses. Instead of the oven, place your cabbage leaf in the fridge. When it is the right temperature, apply it to your painful joint.

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Cabbage turned out to be so useful!

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