14 Boys, But No Regrets: Family Welcomed 14 Sons In A Row And They Are Happy The Way They Are

Date August 12, 2019

Parenting is a tough journey that looks like a roller coaster ride, but what if we are talking not about one or two children? One Michigan family has 14 kids, and all of them are boys!

What are the chances of welcoming 14 boys in a row? Definitely, they are slim. Actually, some reports claim that the odds are 1 in 16,384. So, we can say that this family is beating the odds as they have all the boys in their family.

Family with 14 sons

Meet Kateri and Jay Schwandt. The couple from Michigan believes that they are incredibly blessed after they welcomed their 14th child in April 2019. The baby boy was given a unique name: Finley Sheboygan Schwandt.

Their 13 other sons were from 2 to 25 years old at that time. All the children were pretty excited to welcome their youngest brother. The couple believed this is probably going to be their last child but they are not sure yet.

You might think that the couple was waiting for a girl, so they probably would give it another shot. However, Kateri and Jay didn't think about gender.

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They were just happy to welcome another baby. They told TODAY:

For us, it is about the baby, about the miracle of life. It's not about having a girl.

Kateri added they are not slamming the door on baby number 15 yet.

However, Jay believed that this was it for them.

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Finley has a very unique middle name. It was inspired by a story told by Kateri's dad before he died. His tale was about a Native American chief who became a father to numerous boys.

When he expected the last baby, he was absolutely sure it was going to be a girl. It turned out to be another boy, and the chief named the baby Sheboygan. The name means "she is a boy again."

Jay said sometimes they get judged. People want to know why they have 14 children! However, they do not let people's opinions bother them.

"We are equipped to handle it," the husband said. He also adds that he cannot imagine his life without his 14 boys.

What a wonderful family! They are so blessed to have so many children. Do you agree?

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