German Instagram Couple Who Say Getting A Job 'Isn't An Option' Ask Followers To Fund Their Travels

Date August 10, 2019

Traveling is the best way to add something new to your life. It is also a good way to learn about new cultures, traditions and the things that matter. Whether you walk through the streets of Berlin, hike through the trails in the Himalayas or spend a sunny morning on the Caribbean beaches, travel will never fail you. However, some people want to make traveling their main activity and go too far.

Bloggers ask people to fund their travels

Meet Catalin Onc and his partner Elena Engelhardt. The young couple run an Instagram account, Another Beautiful Day, where they share photos of their travels around the world. Their aim is to inspire people to travel more.

They describe themselves as adventurous travelers. The young people have already been to places like London, Italy, Bali, and Paris.

Once, Catalin and Elena decided to take a bike ride from Germany to Africa, but that was an expensive trip. So they asked their 34,000 followers to raise funds for it.

The travelers created a GoFundMe page where people could send money for the trip.

According to Elena and Catalin, the purpose of the trip was to demonstrate people the importance of getting out of their comfort zones. They wanted to show the beauty of the planet and also the ugliness of it.

The planned funds would be used for the bike, gear, food and accommodation, internet and SIM cards during the trip as the couple wanted to keep their followers up to date. They also needed money for insurance and emergencies.

This caused a wave of criticism among the follower. Moreover, Catalin revealed that his mother worked two jobs to support their trip and lifestyle as working 'is not an option' for the couple. Elena and Catalin claim they want to live as Instagram influencers.

One user, Agatha, said she'd rather spend her money on her parents than donate to them. She added:

"Unbelievable, your mother has 2 jobs to support you. You are covered in tattoos what isn't cheap, and clearly on places that won't give you a job any time soon.. And now you want our money for a trip, and you are also going to use it on internet and SIM cards... insane! "

Another user added:

"People like you guys give travelers like myself a bad name. Finding work abroad and making a life for yourself *on your own* is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You should put the work in and give it a shot."

One wrote:

"How about you find a job and work for your money like normal people do?"

Not many people decided to donate.

What a controversial story! Obviously, every person can live as she or he wants. But maybe this couple went too far? What do you think? We hope Catalin and Elena will change their approach and find a way to provide for themselves on their own.

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