No Price Too High: 'Real-Life Barbie' Who Spent Up To $355,000 To Look Like A Doll Was Barred From Any More Surgeries

Date August 10, 2019

We all want to be beautiful and attractive. However, what makes a person feel beautiful might vary from person to person. That's why many people want to undergo plastic surgery to ''fix'' nature.

One mother from the United Kingdom who didn't like the way she looked decided that plastic surgery was her only option but, unfortunately for her, she has been told that she has reached her limits.

Real-life Barbie

Kerry Miles got a lot of attention years ago as the story of her surgical procedures to look like an actual doll went viral. Kerry, a mom of one, simply didn't like the way she looked. Thus, in 2010, she underwent the first of several surgeries to look like the plastic idol Barbie.

In the interview to the UK Sun, Kerry said she felt like there was nothing special about her.

Before, I looked so plain and boring – being untouched is horrible.

Kerry started by undergoing breast augmentation in addition to other appearance-changing procedures as time went by.

Her hair took some major maintenance, too. She reportedly spends two hours to get ready every morning and also required a soak in the Jacuzzi before leaving her house.

Even though her family members helped fund her surgeries, they didn't approve of her choices. Her parents were worried about her looking "like a freak" and believed she had "ruined" herself.

But Kerry never let all this get to her. She believed she was doing the right thing and that she looked more beautiful than she ever did.

Unfortunately, Kerry's plans to get more surgeries might be canceled because after spending £280,000 (about $355,000) on changing her looks. As it turned out, she was banned from undergoing any more surgeries.

She said that her usual surgeon told her she couldn't have any more of these procedures because it was becoming an obsession.

Kerry, however, planned to seek other opinions elsewhere. She said she would like to undergo more operations in the future.

Kerry spent a lot of time, money and effort to look like a real-life Barbie, but where are the limits? Maybe her surgeon was right and she must stop? Or should she continue to make her dream come true? What do you think?

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