Bindi Irwin Celebrated Her 20th Birthday With A Sweet Tribute To Her Parents And A Visit To The Zoo


July 24, 2018 17:53 By Mambee

Bindi Irwin is a very popular star that can afford to do just about anything she wants to celebrate turning 20. But she decided to spend the day showing love to her family and some gorgeous zoo creatures.


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The animal activist had a truly fabulous birthday feeding crocodiles at the Australian Zoo. In addition, she met some of her fans and cut her birthday cake inside a feeding pit called 'Crocoseum,' where her late father usually performed.


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Earlier in the day, she posted a sweet tribute to her parents. Bindi talked about being born to "the kindest, most giving, dedicated and loving Mum and Dad" 20 years ago. 

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She also appreciated getting to spend time with her parents and her brother. "I’m so glad my parents decided to have me and then bless our lives with my amazing brother."


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In a later post she shared pictures of herself hanging out with her loved ones at the zoo. She appreciated the love and support of her fans as well.

She confirmed that she had a fantastic birthday celebration and thanked everyone for the birthday wishes. 


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Even though her beloved dad, Steve Irwin, has passed away, Bindi continues to be surrounded by the love of her mother, Terri, and brother, Robert.


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Her boyfriend of four years, Chandler Powell, has been incredibly supportive as well. To celebrate her turning 20, he got her a big bouquet of beautiful flowers. 

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Even though he gave them to her a few days earlier, it was definitely a birthday surprise that she very much appreciated. "We're very lucky," Bindi proclaimed.


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On her actual birthday, 21-year-old Chandler shared a lovely post on his Instagram page. He called her the "strongest person" he knows and said she inspires him to be a better man. 

"This will forever be my favorite day of the year," he wrote while wishing his beloved Bee a very happy birthday.

Source: Bindi Irwin / Instagram, Chandler Powell / Instagram

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