Mom Is Shocked To See A Python On Her Daughter's Bed - Then She Notices The Lump In The Snake's Stomach


August 8, 2018 11:38 By Mambee

A mother got a very unexpected houseguest and was horrified when she discovered what it went on to do.

Australia - the land of pythons

Apparently, if you live in some regions in Australia, chances are you'll encounter certain types of reptiles. According to Australian Geographic, carpet pythons are a staple in the city of Brisbane. These types of snakes can be found in the suburbs, parks, and even the city center. 

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Many people have stories of being visited by pythons and really, they are quite terrifying.

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According to The Field Ecology, here are a few ways to keep snakes away from your home:

  • Seal all cracks and holes that can serve as entryways.
  • Mow your grass often.
  • Feed your pets inside so remnants of foods won't attract snakes from outside your house.
  • Make sure your trees and shrubs are kept clean so they have no place to hide.

A massive houseguest

A mom named Julie Cooke was shocked when she noticed a large python on her 14-year-old daughter, Abigail's bed.

According to Yahoo Australia, the first thing Julie did was try to get the family cats to safety then called her husband. It was while she was making that call that she witnessed the snake swallow her daughter's stuffed toy in one gulp. 

A local snake catcher was called to capture the reptile which was then taken to the Marlin Coast Veterinary Hospital. Here, a surgery was performed to get the toy out of the snake's belly. In a comment under one of the posts shared by the hospital, the vet said the surgery was the best way to save the snake.

He explained that the python would have had difficulty digesting the stuffed toy which would then cause an obstruction that would lead to the snake's slow death.

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A snake on the roof

A similar incident occured when a shocked man filmed a giant snake finding its way up to his roof. There has always been the belief that snakes would find it difficult to climb a building but this video begs to differ.

A Gold Coast man named Robbie Knills was hanging out the laundry to dry when he spotted this amazing phenomenon. See the video below.

What a scary, yet incredible experience.

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