Young Man Puts Smiles On Seniors' Faces By Delivering Flowers To Assisted Living Facilities Every Weekend

Date July 24, 2018 17:23

In this day and age, it's difficult to believe that someone can be selflessly kind without secretely hoping to get something in return. But there are truly incredible people out there, who want to do good just to see a smile on someone's face.

Flowers for a smile

Taylor Rennicke is Wisconsin's true blessing. He has been visiting senior facilities in his state and delivering flowers to their residents for over a year now. FOX6 News had a chance to interview Taylor, who only recently opened up about his selfless efforts.

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Rennicke said in an interview that he buys all the flowers himself, and although he doesn't have much money, seeing the smiles on senior's faces is all the reward he needs. In addition, last winter, Taylor shoveled about 100 driveways for free in order to help the seniors in his community.

His only wish is to know that he made someone's day a bit brighter. According to Taylor's post in Facebook:

Today I made 48 men and women happy and smile and some even cry:( I delivered flower today at the senior home in Hartford:) I really wanted to put a smile on there face and show them how much they mean in this world i just wanted them to know someone else out there loves them too  I’d rather make someone smile and feel happy and beautifulI don’t have much money but I can’t take it when I die. So I’d rather make there day I will be doing a senior home every weekend.

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Taylor plans to keep on visiting an assisted living home every weekend and spreading joy wherever he goes.

Public's reaction

Rennicke's post on Facebook went viral and people couldn't help but admire his beautiful actions.

It's very uplifitng to know that people like Taylor still exist, and they can inspire each of us to be a little bit better.

Source: FOX6 News

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