18-Years-Old Dog Was About To Live Out His Days In Shelter, But Luke Bryan Had Different Plans

Date February 15, 2019

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline live near Nashville, and they enjoy spending time with their best friends – animals.

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It seems Luke Bryan does the impossible, as he manages to combine so many different things and being successful in everything: He is a country music singer, a loving father of two sons, and a great animal lover, who takes care of numerous pets at the Tennessee farm.

They reside at Brett’s Barn, the animal rescue that was created in the honor of his late infant niece. Luke Bryan and his wife love animals so much!

Poochie the dog

The shelter planned to keep this wonderful 18-year-old dog Poochie in a foster home forever, but Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline saved him and gave him hope for a new and happy life.

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Poochie was brought to the shelter by his previous family who became allergic. Everybody was sure the dog will spend the rest of his life in a shelter, but suddenly, Bryan sent in an adoption application. It was a true miracle!

Now, he enjoys every moment together with his new and loving family. When his foster mom is sick, he watches over her and tries to give as much love and care as possible.

Poochie is a lucky dog who was adopted by an amazing family at the age of 18. Luke and his wife welcomed him in their family, and it seems like they've been living together forever.

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