Blogger Who Earns From Instagram Breaks Down In Video Becaus

Blogger Who Earns From Instagram Breaks Down In Video Because Her Account Was Deleted


April 16, 2019 12:05 By Mambee

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes. Many of its users are liable to make money from the influence they have on the platform.

As reported by Forbes, social media influencers with three million followers and above tend to make a lot of money from brands promotion.

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Furthermore, the platforms also pay the media influencers according to their impact on their particular app. Hence, they can be generally regarded as a source of income from using social media.


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However, these influencers often face challenges such as being hacked or their account getting deleted by the platform, and this Instagram blogger is the latest victim.

Jessy's sad tale

Jessy Taylor is an Instagram blogger who had 113,000 followers before her account was deleted.

She was devastated by the abrupt cutoff from Instagram, which was probably a result of a fellow user reporting her account for improper online activities.


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Instagram can only block a user's account after they have duly investigated and found any incriminating evidence.

In a YouTube clip, Jessy, who used to be a sex-worker before she became a blogger, spoke tearfully about how depressed she was over the sudden loss of her source of income.

Blogger Who Earns From Instagram Breaks Down In Video Because Her Account Was DeletedJessy Taylor / YouTube

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She explained that she has no special skills that qualify her for a job and that, for this reason, she couldn’t imagine getting a 9-5 job, and urged her ‘haters’ not to report her new account, which has 19k followers.

Jessy also explained that, although her parents are wealthy, she needed to work to accumulate her own wealth, which is why she worked as a sex-worker before becoming a renowned blogger.

Blogger Who Earns From Instagram Breaks Down In Video Because Her Account Was DeletedJessy Taylor / YouTube

She wants people to respect her choices and let her survive the way she knows how to.

According to the video, her venom is directed at the person who got her Instagram account deleted, her cousins and some other people. Nevertheless, she ended the video on a good note by saying:

"I love my supporters. Hate my haters. I'm going to keep doing me and still dropping videos. “


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People's reactions to Jessy's ordeal

Many Twitter users were appalled that anyone would make the internet their sole source of income. However, others are of the opinion that the risks are equal to that of a person with a 9-5 job.

We sympathize with Jessy as it is a difficult time to have your earnings taken away from you.

Hopefully, people will think twice when next they want to report an account simply because they do not like it. 

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