Macaulay Culkin Is 'Home Alone' Again In Viral Google Ad


December 21, 2018 14:40 By Mambee

'Home Alone' was one of the biggest hit movies of the 90s. Macaulay Culkin did a fantastic job playing the role of the adorable Kevin, who got into quite the mischief. The movie itself was so successful that it became the highest grossing film of 1990.


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There is no doubt about it: 'Home Alone' shot Culkin into worldwide fame. It's still considered one of the best traditional Christmas movies to enjoy with the family. 

So, this Christmas, when Google posted its 'Ask Google' advertisement featuring Culkin as Kevin again, fans were beyond excited. 

Culkin and Google teamed up to recreate the iconic movie, but only as a commercial for Google Assistant. You may be wondering about how they were able to pull off something like this. Well, whaterver they had to do, it ended up being really amazing, not to mention nostalgic. 

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In the video, Culkin, as Kevin wakes up in the same house, wearing a similar PJs to the ones Kevin wore in the movie. Instead of talking to himself, Culkin talks to his Google Assistant.

We get to see him again in the classic moments from the movie, such as the scene he is jumping on the bed or that hilarious aftershave bit. Sadly, they skipped the actual part where he clutched his face and screamed. We suspect it won't have been so adorable with the older Kevin, though. Surely, a recreation of 'Home Alone' will not be complete without a visit from the bandits. But this time around, he had his Google Assistant to fend them off. 

Many fans of the 1990 film really appreciated this special throwback, especially at Christmas time. 

What a fantastic way to recapture the fun and youthful feel of the holidays. And we have to agree: Culkin did a swell job.

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