Woman Faces Charges For Rescuing Animals And Taking Them In During Hurricane Florence

Date September 28, 2018 17:00

It is usually said that helping others makes one feel better, but that was not the case for Tammie Hedges. It is no news that hurricane Florence displaced many people and animals from their homes.

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Tammie was heartbroken with the effect it had and dedicated herself to rescuing abandoned cats and dogs off the streets and providing a home for them.

This was not alien to her, as she is an animal lover who owns a non-profit organization named Crazy’s Claws and Paws. Her organization is geared towards helping low-income families take care of their pets.

Because she has a large housing facility, she was able to provide a home for 27 displaced animals, which comprised of 17 cats and 10 dogs. She was able to achieve this with donations from kind strangers.

After the storm passed, Tammie should have been happy that everything was going back to  normal, but something unexpected happened.

She received a call from Wayne’s County’s animal services threatening her to return the animals voluntarily or face being arrested. Sadly, she handed over the pets.

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That was not the end of Tammie’s contact with the law, as she was called in for questioning a few days after returning the animals.

Soon, she was arrested and charged with administering medicine to them without a veterinary license.

Tammie took to her Facebook page to pour out her heart about her situation, and many people have come to her rescue.

Currently, supporters have created a GoFundMe account with the goal of achieving $20,000 to help cover for her legal fees.

It is sad that Tammie has to face this ordeal simply because she helped out animals. Hopefully, something will be done to bring her out of that mess.

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