Mother Lashes Out On Facebook After Her Two-Year-Old Son Crawled Out Of The Daycare And Onto The Road


October 11, 2018 14:00 By Mambee

Children are delicate beings and should be handled with utmost care. It comes as no surprise that they are cheerful, curious, resilient, and would go all out to get what they want. For these reasons, they require constant attention so as to be kept away from harm.

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A mother did not get the best of a daycare when her son wandered off their facility to the street. The aggrieved mom, Dalia Castro, took to Facebook to express her disappointment at her child's daycare, 4 Our Kids Learning Academy in Baytown, Texas.

Castro received a heart-wrenching phone call concerning her two-year-old son which demanded her attention at his daycare. On getting there, an officer informed her that, while the kids were on the playground, her son crawled through a broken chain like fence into the busy street.

The Texas mom wrote that there were two teachers and about twenty kids present. One teacher left to change diapers and left the other teacher alone with too many kids for her to handle on her own. This gave room for her son to roam out to the street.

The toddler was almost hit by two drivers, who did the right by calling the cops and taking the kid back to the daycare. It was awful that the school had no clue that a child was missing, but even more appalling is the fact that the director blamed the two-year-old for wandering.

Unfortunately, when a news agency tried to reach out to the daycare, they were reportedly sent off the property.

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Many have since taken to Castro’s post to leave their comments.


This is what you have to consider when choosing a daycare for kids:

1. Parents must be mindful of their choice of a facility for their kids. Whether it is a formal child care center, or a home or a family daycare, parents should insist on some basic things, such as child-staff interaction, as babies need close, warm, and responsive relationships with their caregivers in order to thrive.

2. Family members may do a policy check and find out whether a child care facility shares their parenting philosophies on subjects like discipline, feeding, and sleeping. Moreover, parents can pay an unexpected visit to the care center on occasion to access whether it meets their needs.

3. Families should freely interact with their child's caregivers since they will be relying on what the caregivers tell them about their child's day.

Finally, parents should trust their guts. If something doesn't feel right about the care center, investigate other options.

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Every child deserves the best!