Emirates Airline Tweets A Photo Of Bejewelled Plane That Throws The Internet Into Bedlam


December 12, 2018 16:21 By Mambee

Well, everyone would love to fly in style, class, and luxury and that is one thing Emirates is known for. However, the airline tweeted a photo of a diamond-crusted airplane about a week ago, and everyone wondered if the company had raised the bar once more.

The tweet read:

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This post threw the internet into an uproar as several people assumed the photo was real and voiced their disapproval of the idea.

@Chrissie Mayr echoed the thoughts, writing,

Meanwhile, others questioned whether the plane would be able to fly, considering the added weight of the carbonate crystals. A few others were more appreciative.

@Stewie0424 quipped:

Apparently, Sara Shakeel, a former dentist who happens to have a penchant for recreating iconic places and items, had taken a photo of the plane just before boarding at Islamabad while heading for Milan.

She recreated the airplane photo with the diamonds and posted the photo and it soon went viral after Emirates reposted it.

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On seeing how much interest her artwork had garnered on the internet, she went on to give a light-hearted response to the hullaballoo on her Instagram.

“So my plane has been on the news lately, confirming whether it was real or not, so before I took off I took another picture just to let you guys know it is real. I truly and honestly made the plane for the love of the trip and excitement!”

Well, this is one woman with the adorable heart of a child and, come to think of it, could something like this be actually pulled off in reality? Probably, but not with real diamonds!

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