Sprocker Not Cocker? Queen Elizabeth Might Have Been Deceived As Regards To The Purebred Nature Of Her Dog

Date September 24, 2018

Would you know the difference between a purebred dog and a crossbred one if asked to choose from a pack? The answer to that, unless you are a thorough dog enthusiast, would be no. As it turns out, Queen Elizabeth’s answer may be no as well.

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At an English dog competition in January, 2017, a group of Judges made a shocking revelation - or was it an allegation? According to them, the Queen's black cocker spaniel, Mallowdale Diamond, was not the breed she thought it was.

Keep in mind that, in 2015, this dog won the Yorkshire Gun Dog Open Qualifiers and, in 2016, it won the Kennel Club Open Qualifiers as well. According to these daring umpires, they claimed that the dog was a “Sprocker”: the result of a cross between a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker.

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Understand that, in pedigree competitions, mixed breed dogs, such as Sprockers, are not allowed to participate. The Sun Tabloid took up this serious allegation and it was immediately denied and refuted.

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However, despite the denial of the verity of the accusation, one question lingered. If there was a possibility that the Queen was deceived regarding the nature of her dog, what does that mean for everyone else? Betty Anne-Stenmark, a popular show judge and breeder, with more than 40 years dedicated to the industry, agreed that choosing a purebred dog might not be the easiest task for the untrained eye.

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According to her, in-demand breeds are all the rave, and due to the power of the internet, everyone looks legit. She made it clear, however, that the integrity of the dog's registration papers is what determines whether it's purebred or not.

Only 192 breeds of dogs are recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), the body that governs dog shows. For a dog to be certified as purebred, it's documentation has to date back to three generations on both the side of the sire and the dam.

Usually, scam breeders claim that a dog is purebred without showing documents supporting that fact. Sometimes, they claim that the documents will be made available later, and that never happens.

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When asked what would have happened if Mallowdale Diamond turned out to be a Sprocker, Stenmark’s response was that it wouldn't matter to her. The Queen loves her dogs, just as they are.

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