Wait, What?! Criminal Minds' Season 14 Finale Ends With A Ma

Wait, What?! Criminal Minds' Season 14 Finale Ends With A Major Jaw-Dropping Confession


February 11, 2019 18:14 By Mambee

Helloooo, Criminal Minds lovers! We are so thrilled to be ending season 14, and hope you are too! Yes-yes, we all thought that the TV series would end on season 13, but the directors were so merciful that made up their minds to gladden us further. Yay!


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However, good things tend to come to an end...The news about season 15 as the final one was lashed out earlier this winter, which implies we have to say tearful, painful, and horrible 'goodbye, Criminal Minds.'

Beware: the confession will knock you out

It turned out that announcing the end of the TV series wasn't enough (say it to fans, aha) so that Criminal Minds decided to make the most jaw-dropping confession. TV series is known for ending the season on the most puzzling situations, and thus they presented the spoilers for the end of season 14, called "Truth or Dare."

As usual, season 14 ended on a cliffhanger. In the penultimate season finale, JJ dropped a shocking confession on Reid. She had to reveal the darkest secret to save her life. In a twist that few viewers could have seen coming, JJ told Reid that she's always loved him but was "too scared to say it before." 

Showrunner Erica Messer teases:

We didn’t want to play the 'will they-won’t they' or 'she’s got to make a choice.' It’s a little bit messier than that. When we meet them in the first two episodes of season 15, what we learn is they haven’t really talked about it because it’s made that much of an impact. Six months have passed story-wise and it’s time they talk about it. It gets muddy.


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God, what have we just read?! Will JJ and Reid hit it off or JJ stays with her husband Will? What's on earth going on?

Reactions of fans

No words, if you may ask us. Not a single word. Are they really going to be an item? SOS.

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