Barbie-Looking Girl Becomes An Internet Sensation After Her Pictures Went Viral


December 10, 2018 12:21 By Mambee

Perfect hair, amazing brows, and a perfectly streamlined face. These are all characteristics of the iconic doll Barbie, which is an epitome of the word "beauty" in many people's books. Not to forget it is many young girls' favorite toy.

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However, these fantastic features are often left to fantasy and storybooks. Some exceptions do turn up, as some people have come very close to having the same flawless looks.


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An example of such is this beautiful little girl, who has an astonishing beauty, and doll-like features.


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Little Jordyn Reinle acquired fame when a photo shared by her mother on social media went viral.


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The internet went berserk with the little girl's looks, thanks to her sparkling blue eyes, and porcelain-like face.

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Since then, things have been going well for the little kid. She now works as a child model and is making waves with some of the major brands.


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Also, her Instagram page, @jordynreine, has over 32,000 followers, a pretty impressive number. The page features several of her photos, which capture her in different beautiful moments.


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A particular picture which has drawn a lot of attention features Jordyn Reinie with fellow child models, Sloan Sleed and Zia Parker, in a photoshoot.

They were astonishing, and this was confirmed by the hundreds of comments from admirers which followed.
They couldn't stop praising the girl for her amazing look and prophesying her successful modeling career. 


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Jordyn is managed by her mom and generation MMM. She was on high demand only a few months after kickstarting her modeling career.

Surely, we're going to see a lot more of this beautiful kid, and we're looking forward to that!

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