Japanese Princess Ayako Marries Kei Moriya, A Businessman With No Ties To The Aristocracy, And Forfeits Her Royal Title

Date October 31, 2018

Love is a beautiful thing, and many people endeavor throughout their lives to at least experience it in the various forms that it exists. Love is part of what makes life worth living.  

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Many people say that almost everything is worth giving up for true love and it seems like a Japanese princess has done just that.


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Princess Ayako, when faced with a decision to give up her royal title to marry a commoner, named Ken Moriya, opted to ‘give it all up’ for love.

Meiji Shrine, in Tokyo, played host to more than 1,000 well-wishers who wanted a chance to see their beloved Princess Ayako and her groom, Kei Moriya, seal their nuptials.

The happy couple entered the shrine to shouts of ‘Banzai’, a Japanese word, wishing them long life, from the surrounding well-wishers.

Once inside, they were welcomed in by close friends and family and taken to the ceremony hall.


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The princess was dressed in an Uchiki Kimono, colored light yellow and embroidered with green leaves and pink flowers.


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She also had on a hakama (wide-legged pleated trousers that reach the ankles), which were a deep purple color. Princess Ayako also held a hiougi, a fan which is made of Japanese cypress. 

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Businessman Kei Moriya, on the other hand, wore a black morning coat - western style - with grey pinstripe trousers and a silk hat.

The silk hat formerly belonged to the Princess's late father, Prince Takamado.


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The Princess's older sister, Noriko, got married to her beau, Kunimaro Senge, in the year 2014, and her kimono was similar to Ayako's.

Princess Ayako is the youngest of late Prince Takamado and Princess Hisako's children. Her late father's cousin is the current emperor Akihito.

Under the imperial law in Japan, she will have to relinquish her title. The law states that if a female member of the royal family marries a commoner, she will need to forfeit her royal title and her allowance.

It should be noted; however, that male family members are not required to do the same if they marry commoners.


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After forfeiting the royal title, however, the princess will collect a sum of $950,000 from the Japanese government to cover any living expenses that may arise.

Princess Ayako was quoted as saying that she felt awed by how many blessings she had received. 

The new bride also stated that, although she was forfeiting the title, she will always support the emperor and empress as she was raised to do.

Happy married life to the couple! 

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