Ready To Witness The Blood Moon This Friday? List Of Countries And Regions Where It Will Be Completely Visible


July 24, 2018 16:42 By Mambee

In what is being described as the longest 'blood moon' of the century, fans are eagerly awaiting the total lunar eclipse on July 27.

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The question most people are asking is  - where will we see the lunar eclipse this year? 

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According to the NASA website, the eclipse will last for one hour and 43 minutes. And the regions where it will be more visible are the Eastern Hemisphere, parts of Central Asia and Eastern Africa.


Some parts of the world will miss the eclipse and others may get to see only a part of it. 

According to Earthsky, countries like South America will catch the final stages after sunset while New Zealand may witness the early stages before sunrise on July 28. North America may miss it completely.

In India, it will begin at around 10:44 local time and disappear into the Earth's shadow early on July 28 before coming to an end at 2.43am.

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Other countries that are in the perfect position to watch the eclipse include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Pakistan and some areas in Central Africa. If you live in regions like Sudan, Iraq, Madagascar, parts of Turkey and Ukraine, you'll also get a glimpse of this rare phenomenon. 


As for those in the United Kingdom, the moon will appear red when it peaks on Friday. The times may vary but it is believed that the entire country will witness it to some extent.

In North and Central America as well as eastern parts of Russia, the moon will not be visible at all. Don't feel too disappointed, though, the Timeanddate Youtube page will be showing the whole thing via a live stream.

Source: NASA

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