Kids In Kennels: Cruel Granny Arrested After Transporting Kids In Dog Crates

Date June 14, 2018 19:09

Cell phone video recorded by a concerned neighbor from Tennessee shows a grandmother releasing her two kids from dog crates in the back of her car.

Greg Coy, FOX 13 News / Facebook

A 62-year-old woman, Leimome Cheeks, has been charged with two counts of child endangerment after the act she committed went viral.

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In such hot temperatures, which reached almost 35º C at the time, the granny drove her two grandchildren, aged eight and seven, locked up in pet cages and placed at the back of her truck from Whitehaven to Collierville.

Greg Coy, FOX 13 News / Facebook

Leimome told the two kids to stay in the kennels, which belong to her puppies, by the way. Afterward, Leimome took the two kids for a 25-mile-long journey.

Greg Coy, FOX 13 News / Facebook

The video footage shows Leimome's grandchildren climbing out of kennels located in the back of a Ford Explorer, which is seen to be parked in front of the Graceland mansion, Whitehaven.

Greg Coy, FOX 13 News / Facebook

After the video went viral, both children were questioned by the police officers.

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Irinka Mitich /

The kids admitted that it was too hot in the car during the drive, especially while being kept in a confined space. They explained that the granny asked them to get in the kennels because there wasn't enough room in the car for them to sit safely. 

Petr Bonek /

They said their granny didn't have air conditioning on, even though the windows were closed.

Greg Coy, FOX 13 News / Facebook

Leimome's neighbors raised concerns over the incident. However, some of them told the local news agency that Leimome is a very nice lady and her doing that is very strange.

Other residents revealed that Leimome was a woman of strong faith, who adored her two puppies. They called her a 'super good neighbor' and a real 'caring person.'

Who's right or wrong is yet to be discovered. Hopefully, further investigations will set things straight.

Source: DailyMail

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