So Heart-Breaking! Iowa Teen Who Ran Away From Home After Fight With Parents Found Dead After Being Missing For 5 Days

Date February 5, 2019 11:22

13-year-old Corey Brown disappeared from home after a fight with his parents.

He was last seen on a Tuesday, in South Marshalltown, after having a disciplinary discussion with his parents, the result of which was that his phone was taken away.

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Since Corey went missing, the weather had been extremely difficult, it snowed about 4 inches and the temperature dropped to 13 degrees.

The community rallied around his parents in search of Corey, green bulbs were put in place by neighbours and green ribbons tied to trees just to light the way for Brown.

Rosary prayers were said for the missing teen, and his posters were plastered on every wall and window on Marshalltown main street.

Marshall County crime stoppers and Lennox Employees Credit Union went as far as announcing a $1000 reward for anyone who had information that would lead to the discovery of the boy.

According to the Television Station KCCI, his parents pleaded with him to come back home at a conference in Marshalltown Library. His mother said:

“Corey, you know how much we love you. And I’m not going to stop until we find you. If you’re out there, please come home."

Sadly, their baby boy didn’t come back to them.

Poor Corey

Unfortunately, the search for Corey turned out to have a tragic conclusion. After five days of searching, his body was found by the police around 10:45 am on a Sunday in a secluded area in Marshalltown.

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The whole community mourns with the family as Corey was deeply loved by all. A Marshalltown native, Jonathan Bizios, said to the Register 

“I think the majority of us were expecting some better news. I guess that’s kind of human nature — to think the best.”

This is so heartbreaking!

Sad responses

The lost of Corey is so tragic that it hurled in many emotional comments from people on Facebook.


We've prepared for you some tips about how to stop an argument with a child before anything terrible happen:

  1. Establish rules. You need to discuss  some safety rules with your child, and teach them what to do in emergency situations;
  2. Be calm and make your argument personal, don't give orders;
  3. Offer your child a reward if they make someting better than ever;
  4. Find a compromise, treat your child as an equal.

Try to avoid such situations in your life, because everything can be fixed, except the passing of a loved one. Our deepest condolences to Corey's parents. We pray that they are granted the fortitude to bear their loss.  

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