Man Uses His Fiancee’s Love For Dogs To Literally Sweep Her Off Her Feet During An Emotional Proposal


December 5, 2018 18:42 By Mambee

An engagement is an agreement between two people to deliberately increase their intimacy in a relationship with the purpose of going into marriage.

Mind you, physical intimacy isn't the focus here but rather emotional and relational communion.

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Man Uses His Fiancee’s Love For Dogs To Literally Sweep Her Off Her Feet During An Emotional Proposal


It is a period where the couple shares their innermost secrets and feelings, understanding that they are bond forever and will always be there to help each other.

During this time, a couple goes for counseling, they read books on issues concerning marriage; money, roles, etc., and then determine if they want to seal the deal.

Laura says yes

Laura Stampler and the love of her life, Maurice Goldstein, are New York residents but they were in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving.

On this day, Goldstein suggested they go hiking before meeting up with friends for drinks.

Earlier in the day, Laura was with her best friend, Rebecca Yale, for lunch when Rebecca, who is a wedding photographer, left saying she had to see a client. Little did Laura know she was the client.

On reaching their hiking destination, Stampler saw rose petals and immediately lost her breath. Goldstein got on a knee and asked her to marry him.

She said yes and but that wasn’t the part that blew her away. Much to her surprise, 16 dogs started running out and jumping on her, and Laura could not hide her joy.

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Of course, Rebecca had been at the scene to capture the surprise on Laura's face!

The dogs had been kept in close range by Goldstein’s family friend, Tony Vercillo, who runs a pack of therapy dogs called Pack of Hearts.

Both Goldstein and Laura had grown up with dogs, and Goldstein knew dogs could create that magical moment Laura deserved.

Laura posted on her Instagram page a video of the proposal and a message of how much she appreciated the dogs over the stereotype doves.

The video ended with Laura in tears surrounded by the dogs and in the background; the breathtaking California sunset. It was beautiful!


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Everyone Loves Love

Since the release of the video, people have commended Goldstein on his effort in making the proposal as special as Laura deserved.

With some comments that also included an appreciation for the dogs, people couldn't get over Laura and Goldstein's love.

We wish them a happy love life ahead!

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