Woman Was Ahsamed Of Her Legs After Losing Weight, But She Finally Gets A Surgery To Remove The Excess Skin On Them

Date August 8, 2019 00:48

The saying 'you cannot satisfy everyone' proved itself once again in the life of 32-year-old Jacqueline Adam, a preschool teacher.

Jacqueline had been obese for a long time, weighing about 500 pounds, until she decided to embark on a weight loss journey to feel good about herself and to maintain good health.

The brave woman was consistent and dedicated to her weight loss program. After a few years, she had shed more than half her weight, 350lbs to be exact.

That's a lot of weight to lose, and it didn't come without its side effects: Jacqueline had quite a lot of loose skin to deal with.

However, despite the efforts she put into losing weight, she was still on the receiving end of some shaming and jest because of her loose skin.

In 2017, Jacqueline traveled to Mexico on vacation and finally felt confident enough to put on a bathing suit and show herself to the world.

Sadly, a couple of strangers took one look at her and started laughing, pointing fingers and throwing nasty comments her way.

However, brave Jacqueline simply ignored their rude actions and kept smiling as she knew where she was coming from and what she had been through.

Jacqueline is finally getting rid of the excess skin on her legs

Just days ago, Jacqueline finally got the good news from her doctors that her body was ready for the surgery to remove the loose skin in her legs.

She has already undergone some surgeries to remove the excess skin in her arms and stomach, and she is can't wait to be done with this final hurdle.

Jacqueline had always complained to her doctors about her legs as she was getting tired and feeling pains from the excess weight on her legs.

The surgery is set to take place next month and expected to take 7 hours. Jacqueline revealed to PEOPLE that she could not wait to hit the beach after the procedure.

“The next time I’m on a beach or in a bathing suit all that skin is going to be gone, and it makes me really emotional.”

The risk associated with loose skin

Although Jacqueline got her loose skin as a result of weight loss, there are other factors associated with flaccid skin. They include:

1. Sun exposure: Too much exposure to the sun can damage the skin;

2. Age: The older you get, the less elastic your skin becomes;

3. Genetics: Genes also affect the elasticity of the skin;

4. Nutrition and water intake: Proper nutrition and adequate water intake help make the skin firmer.

Jacqueline's outlook on life is indeed a source of inspiration to many people, especially those who are trying to lose some weight. However, a professional medical doctor should be consulted before any excess skin removal procedure.

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