Check Yourself: How Many Squares Can You See In This Picture?

Date September 6, 2019

How diligent are you in taking care of your body? What about the brain?

This powerful organ needs more exercise than you think! Doing sports benefits every single part of the human organism, including the brain. Physical training results in hormone release, including serotonin and dopamine, which make us feel peaceful, euphoric and happy. It’s already a great reason to incorporate sports into your daily life!

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However, brain exercises are a necessary contribution to its health.

Not only does training this most powerful organ affect your memory, it also helps prevent dementia, according to experts. It’s like a tool that strengthens your mind and makes it resistant to diseases and dysfunctions.

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By brain exercises, we mean activities such as reading, learning foreign languages, trying to master new skills and learn new information. In addition, solving math puzzles is another fun and effective method that keeps your head working!

Here is one interesting riddle for you today! Look at this picture and say how many squares you see.

Most people can see 10 squares, but the right answer is 11. Have you found all of them?

This is when math comes to the rescue! If you keep your mind active daily, you may postpone the declining of thinking skills with time.

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