9 Reasons To Start Drinking Lemon Water

Date September 4, 2019

We are what we eat! Paying attention to the food and drinks we consume, it is possible to significantly improve our health and prevent illnesses.

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Lemon juice and lemon water have a multifunctional effect on the body. Here are top 10 reasons why it’s beneficial to add this drink in your daily meals.

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1. Lemons are packed with a large dose of Vitamin C, so they are good against the flu and colds.

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2. The drink can help improve the functions of the immune system and remove pathogens from the body.

3. Inflammations are often caused by an acid environment in the blood. Drinking lemon water reduces the inflammation as it neutralizes the acid.

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4. If you have arthritis, a lemon drink can help reduce inflammation in the joints and alliviate the pain and stiffness.

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5. If consumed regularly, a lemon drink can relieve gastroesophageal Reflux Disease as an addition to the complex treatment.

6. It prevents the formation of kidney stones due to the high amount of potassium, which elevates citrate levels in the urine.

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7. If you suffer from gallbladder, consume lemon water with your meals. It can help relieve pain and discomfort.

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8. Lemons contain pectin, which is a great appetite suppressor. Therefore, they contribute to weight loss and can ease up muscle pain after a workout.

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9. Consumption of lemon is linked to reduced cardiovascular diseases.

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Apart from providing you with vitamins and minerals, lemon water and lemon juice also boost your alkalinity and improves your overall health. The results are easily noticeable: feeling better in general, having a glowing skin and strong hair and nails, for instance. Experts recommend consuming it daily on an empty stomach!

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