Super Talented Actor And Extremely Handsome Man Pierce Brosnan Celebrates His 66th Birthday Today!

Date May 16, 2019

Who doesn’t know the talented leading man Pierce Brosnan? The Irish hottie has stolen many hearts since he started popping up on the big screen with his devilish smile.


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Brosnan began his acting career at 22 as a theatre artist. After conquering the big stage, he turned to television. Pierce’s successful TV appearances paved him the way to Hollywood. His charms and dapper look helped Brosnan land the iconic role – detective agent James Bond.


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Since then, he has been bathing in fame. Today, Brosnan turns 66 years old but he still proudly holds the name of one of the most attractive Hollywood actors.

Happy birthday!

Pierce Brosnan celebrates his 66th year on Earth today but what do we know about the birthday boy?


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The Irish superstar is a father of 5 and he also already has 3 grandchildren. He doesn’t look like a typical granddad to us!


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Besides James Bond franchise, Brosnan’s best work also includes films like The Matador, Mrs.Doubtfire and The Thomas Crown Affair.

Fans send their congratulations

We joined the social media users and wish Pierce to have the best birthday ever!