Exercises To Relieve Back Pain: One-Minute Stretching Routine

Date January 2, 2018

Now and then we all suffer from back and neck pain! Sedentary lifestyle, a sitting job, or parenthood (with carrying small kids) result in additional tension in your back. At the end of the day, it is important to relax and stretch your back to feel some relief and get rid of the disturbing feeling.

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If you are not a yoga fan, you can pick an easy stretching routine which is only 1 minute long. There are few methods of how you can help yourself to deal with back pain. You can perform them all, or choose one which suits you the best.


Lying on your back, bend your knees, then slowly turn them right and left. Exhale when you put knees to the side, and then inhale when you get back to the center.

PsycheTruth / YouTube

PsycheTruth / YouTube


Lying on your belly, stand on your forearms. Keep them parallel and concentrate your gaze down. Then lift your chest and core under the ground and hold the positions for 10 seconds taking few breaths there.

PsycheTruth / YouTube

PsycheTruth / YouTube


Stay on your belly; put your arms alongside your body. Lift your arms, chest and head at the same time and reach your arms towards your legs.

PsycheTruth / YouTube

PsycheTruth / YouTube


Stand on your knees and hands, on your inhale drop your belly down and put your tailbone and head up. On the exhale, arch your back and drop your chin towards your chest. Do three or four rounds, depending on how you feel.

PsycheTruth / YouTube

PsycheTruth / YouTube

Stretching soft tissues and muscles in your back and neck can help you to cope with pain and tension. When those muscles get toned they can support your spine better and increase its strength and overall mobility.


Note that it is important to move slowly and wear comfortable clothes which will not restrict your movements. Hopefully, you will find these stretching exercising helpful and enjoy such a relaxing workout routine.

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