Firefighter Stays Behind To Take Care Of A Little Girl After Her Sibling Is Taken Away In An Ambulance

Date October 20, 2017

It turns out that firefighters are heroes in more ways than one. While they do a pretty fantastic job of rescuing people and saving lives, they are also making the news for going above and beyond for the people they serve. Of course, being a babysitter is not part of the job requirement to become a fireman, but this did not stop this firefighter from being there for a little girl that needed him.

A father and his two children were home one day when one of the kids needed to be taken to a hospital immediately. The dad called an ambulance and when the fire rescue arrived, he was faced with a dilemma. Feeling the need to go with the ambulance, he was unsure how to handle the situation of his other child. Luckily for him, a fireman saved him from having to take his daughter with him as they left for the hospital, an experience, which could have terrified the little girl.

One of the firefighters volunteered to stay back with the girl until her mom came home. In this video, shared by the Roseville Fire Department, we can see him reading Put Me In The Zoo by Robert Lopshire to the little girl.

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Clearly, this man had no qualms about staying behind and caring for the little girl, who was probably worried about her dad and sibling. The video has been seen over 54,000 times since it was posted on Facebook, and people had nothing but great things to say about this man's kindness. Gary Haduca, one of the commenters, said:

We absolutely agree. We need more people in the world that are willing to step in and provide comfort when it's needed.

Source: Roseville Fire Department / Facebook