How Much Money Do You Have To Spend Monthly To Look Like Kim Kardashian?

Date February 18, 2019

Kim and her family's appearance are one of the most widely-discussed topics when it comes to stars. Everyone is interested in manipulations each of them has done to their looks. In the old photos of the Kardashian-Jenner family, they are almost unrecognizable.


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Some people judge Kim; others praise her. The fact is that you could buy a dozen apartments in different parts of the world with the money she has spent on her looks!

How much does Kim's appearance cost? Let's calculate!

According to approximate calculations of Health website, her skincare products (moisturizers, revitalizing serums, oils, etc.) account for $1 135.

On makeup, which includes almost 20 items, Kim spends around $643.


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Kardashian's favorite hair products cost $257 in total.

Apart from that, Kanye West's wife uses the services of a celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, which costs $15 000 for a 6-week workout program.


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According to People magazine, the cost of laser skin treatment from Kim's trusted doctor, Simon Ourian, averages at $4 000 per procedure. And Kardashian doesn't only get her face treated, but also her neck and body (stretch marks on her chest and stomach).

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Along with that, the reality TV-show star gets neck, arm, and stomach lifts for $600 per area.

We can assume that apart from the procedures listed above, Kim also resorts to botox and fillers and it's well known to be rather pricey.

And how much Kardashian spends on her wardrobe, food, and various luxuries, we can only imagine.


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As you can see, not everyone can afford the "it" woman's appearance. Beauty, in this case, requires not only sacrifice but also a fat wallet!


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But then again, Kim's husband is inspired by her image and, according to People, he's even willing to pay his wife's favorite makeup artist to move to LA.

What do you think? Are looks worth such expenditures and time?

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