Things You Do That “Inspire” Your Husband To Cheat On You

Date February 13, 2019

When a woman gets married, she dreams of living her life with a soulmate-spouse. However, at a certain point in your life, your partner may begin to fall for other women. If you had never noticed such behavior before, perhaps you contributed to his lack of faithfulness.

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Destructive advice: what should you do to make your husband cheat on you

1. Don’t take care of yourself at home and get dressed badly

You look amazing regardless of anything! You shouldn’t comb your hair in the morning if you don’t go anywhere. Draw your hair back in a bun, and put on your favorite sweatpants and old T-shirt.

2. Save family budget

Don’t buy yourself new shoes and face cream. Show your husband that you are too economical to spend money on nonsense. Don’t go anywhere on weekends. Restaurants are too expensive; it is better to eat at home every day.

3. Severe control

Make sure your husband only has good company. Don’t let him go to a bar with his buddies. If your partner goes somewhere without you, call him every 20 minutes.

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4. Keep complaining

Pile a large amount of work on yourself and constantly complain. Whining will help show your husband what kind of hero you are and how hard you work for the good of the family.

5. Compare your husband with others

Your husband must understand what you want, so tell him about it, comparing him with other men. Tell your spouse about the gifts that your neighbors received from their husbands.

6. Be offended and don’t tell why

A man should be able to read your thoughts. You may be offended, but don’t tell him why. Let him think and suffer.

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7. Don’t increase your self-esteem

Accept the fact that your husband is staring at others. Consider yourself unworthy of happiness!

Well, of course, this is all a huge joke. Under no circumstances should you ever do any of these things unless you want to lose your husband!

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A woman isn’t always to be blamed for the husband’s cheating. Perhaps your partner was inclined to betray you from the very beginning. But remember, this problem often appears because of both partners. However, sometimes you may just fuel a conflict or infidelity. It is important to start with yourself. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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