Tricky Riddle Not Everyone Can Figure Out

Date February 18, 2019

When you were little, you often had to solve riddles. At home, in kindergarten, and then at school as well. If you think that this is a waste of time, you are mistaken! Brainstorming is great practice for your mind, which is not only helpful but also necessary. Your brain is too lazy to improve on its own; therefore, you need to give it food for thought daily. Conundrums, problems, and riddles are a great way to do quick, useful, and fun training.

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Today we're not going to make you solve maths equations or look for differences in pictures. The condition is rather simple – solve just one riddle. We warn you from the start that it's not a trivial one. The answer is some kind of wordplay and the truth of life at the same time. Are you ready to test yourself? Then start thinking. But don't rush to scroll down and see the correct answer beforehand.

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Tricky Riddle Not Everyone Can Figure Out

Have you made up your mind?

Are you 100% sure?

Maybe think just a little more?

Okay, let's find out the correct answer!

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The solution

In this riddle, you had to dig a little deeper. The answer is "nothing." Just think about it. There's "nothing" better than God and there's "nothing" scarier than the devil. A poor man has "nothing," thereby "nothing" is all he has. While a rich man has everything, hence, he has never been faced with "nothing." And if you eat "nothing," you won't survive. It was a cunning and complicated riddle. We hope you liked it! Share it with your friends. ;)

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