You'll See No Compassion From Them! 5 Most Stone-Hearted Zod

You'll See No Compassion From Them! 5 Most Stone-Hearted Zodiac Signs


February 11, 2019 16:47 By Mambee

Indifference may sometimes cut deeper than any emotion. Nonetheless, some people experience difficulties in expressing their own feelings. They may even want to support and console their close ones, but, despite their best efforts, they can hardly do it.

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When meeting a person, it's worth paying attention to his or her zodiac sign. Astrologers believe that it has a powerful influence on our ability to empathize.

5 most cold-hearted zodiac signs

1. Pisces

People of this sign are indifferent to many things that others consider just about the sense of their existence. They prefer to go with the flow and settle for what they have at the moment and don't really care about other people's opinion. Hence, don't try to force your values on Pisces – you are unlikely to find support in them.

2. Capricorn

These individuals have a complicated relationship with feelings. Capricorns take what people say about them to heart, but when it comes to other people's feelings, representatives of this sign may be truly insensible.

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3. Taurus

These people are exceedingly careful. They prefer to hide their emotions if they're unsure whether they are appropriate in a certain situation. Apart from that, Tauruses can seem indifferent and absentminded due to their inability to compromise. If you don't see eye to eye, don't expect them to meet you halfway.

4. Virgo

People born in this sign are extremely calculating and intelligent. They like to keep everything under control, including their own emotions. Virgos are certain that they are capable of acting much more rationally if they turn off their empathy.

5. Aquarius

People of this sign are exceedingly cold-hearted and composed – that's the way they are. Aquarians feel extremely uncomfortable when someone shows any emotions in front of them. It's more convenient for them to seem estranged rather than showing compassion for those around them.

Are there stone-hearts around you? Which zodiac sign were they born under? Tell us about it in the comments!

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