Not A Match: 3 Worst Couples By Zodiac Sign

Not A Match: 3 Worst Couples By Zodiac Sign


February 12, 2019 11:07 By Mambee

Have you noticed that there's peace and harmony prevailing in some people's relationships, while with others, a day can't go by without fights, offenses, and petty complaints? Astrologers believe that the stars play a major part in that.

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So, recently we have found out how the zodiac affects who we fall in love with. Let's find out who we shouldn't fall for.

3 worst couples by zodiac sign

1. Gemini and Capricorn

Yes, it's true that opposites often attract, but in the case with these zodiac signs, there might be a personality clash due to different values. Geminis are spontaneous; they love fun, communication, and new experiences. The lack of planning in their lives drives pragmatic Capricorns mad. In terms of building a relationship, these signs are worlds apart; therefore, their union is unlikely to last long.

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2. Aries and Taurus

Here's another couple with extremely opposite lifestyles. People born under Aries are vigorous and strong-willed individuals. Despite their fiery nature, they are rather cold when it comes to showing affection, which is totally not fine with Tauruses. In such a union, both partners will look for an escape on the side. And even when it's time to part, the difference in attitude of these people shows. Aries prefers to simply vanish while Taurus demands an explanation.

3. Cancer and Libra

Cancer's dreamy nature with their delicate psyche will be tested all the time. These people look at everything from different angles. While it's important for Cancers to experience strong romantic feelings, Libra people value intellectual closeness above all. There are too many contradictions in this union, so it's unlikely that they have a long and happy relationship ahead.

Do you agree with these conclusions? Are you and your partner compatible? Tell us about it in the comments!

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